Face ao período que atravessamos, e com o objectivo de minimizar quaisquer riscos relativos ao COVID-19, a CONSULMAR decidiu implementar um Plano de Contingência que permitirá manter a operação e continuar a disponibilizar os nossos serviços da forma habitual. A nossa equipa continuará a trabalhar, preferencialmente e maioritariamente a partir de casa, mantendo-se o escritório operacional.

Agradecemos a compreensão a estas alterações, confiantes que conjuntamente com os nossos stakeholders iremos assegurar a continuidade de todas as nossas actividades.


CONSULMAR celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2020. It all started in 1970 when our late Professor Fernando Vasco Costa and a group of young and enthusiastic engineers set out to create a consulting company for studies and engineering design on maritime construction works.

Over five decades, CONSULMAR has carried out thousands of projects and studies on four continents, covering the most diverse maritime environments, and has evolved by expanding the skills in its area of ​​knowledge, linking the engineering of maritime construction works with planning and design ports, coastal protection and restoration, and environmental impact assessment.

To reach the age of 50, greatly contributed the continued dedication and professional talent of all its employees, with emphasis on the several generations of engineers who, in one way or another, left their mark on the company.

In this context, CONSULMAR is proud to have patented innovative construction solutions in port construction works and, in 2010, to have been assigned the Secil Civil Engineering Prize, an award recognized as “the reference prize of Portuguese engineering”, with the emblematic project of the North Breakwater of Barra do Douro.

However, the company’s longevity and success were also due to the recognition of the quality of the services provided to its clients, institutional and private, to whose CONSULMAR thanks the trust them maintained over the years in the studies and projects developed.

It is also a reason of great satisfaction for CONSULMAR the fact that throughout its existence it has managed to stay a fully Portuguese SME and a national company leader in its field.

For all these predicates, CONSULMAR is today a brand image with a relevant role for its contribution to the development of solutions that respond to the challenges and opportunities of the Blue Economy, one of the areas of great importance and interest for Portugal.

Congratulations to all the professionals who are part of this success. May the commitment of our team continue to offer the best results for CONSULMAR! Happiness and success!