Face ao período que atravessamos, e com o objectivo de minimizar quaisquer riscos relativos ao COVID-19, a CONSULMAR decidiu implementar um Plano de Contingência que permitirá manter a operação e continuar a disponibilizar os nossos serviços da forma habitual. A nossa equipa continuará a trabalhar, preferencialmente e maioritariamente a partir de casa, mantendo-se o escritório operacional.

Agradecemos a compreensão a estas alterações, confiantes que conjuntamente com os nossos stakeholders iremos assegurar a continuidade de todas as nossas actividades.


(Jan. 2019)
On the eve of celebrating half a century of existence, CONSULMAR celebrated its 49th anniversary on January 23rd.

With Professor Vasco Costa as founder and developing from a core of engineers specializing in hydraulics and maritime and port works, the Company grew and expanded over the decades gaining experience, gaining prestige and disseminating testimonies of excellence through the four corners of the world.
Facing with determination and competence the obstacles that always face in the life of the companies, and remaining totally Portuguese and independent, the Consulmar is today a landmark and a brand in the specialized engineering.

The initial nucleus gave rise to a Group of companies that integrates participation in the areas of environment, mathematical modeling, management consulting and real estate management, which has taken root through the creation of local companies in the Azores, Angola and Mozambique and has developed partnerships in several other markets.
To all the clients who have trusted us for nearly five decades and to all the leaders and workers who have made this journey an unquestionable success here is recognition and gratitude.
It is with pride in this history, with confidence and with optimism that we face the future.