Face ao período que atravessamos, e com o objectivo de minimizar quaisquer riscos relativos ao COVID-19, a CONSULMAR decidiu implementar um Plano de Contingência que permitirá manter a operação e continuar a disponibilizar os nossos serviços da forma habitual. A nossa equipa continuará a trabalhar, preferencialmente e maioritariamente a partir de casa, mantendo-se o escritório operacional.

Agradecemos a compreensão a estas alterações, confiantes que conjuntamente com os nossos stakeholders iremos assegurar a continuidade de todas as nossas actividades.


Today, most environmental concerns converge to the coastal territory. There is where the economic and social development – often at the origin of environmental problems – mainly focuses, and is also where the negative consequences of this development are most felt: the excessive and disordered urban occupation, pollution of marine waters and estuaries, as well as the consequences of climate change on wave agitation and rising sea level. The correct diagnosis, based on the most modern technologies, allows the development of solutions to deal with these issues.

CONSULMAR conducts studies and projects on the coast to deal with these issues: from the Integrated Management Plans, as POOC (Plans for the Management of the Shoreline), coastal protection interventions, particularly for beaches and dune systems nourishment and recovery, to projects of underwater sewage outfalls and circuits of seawater intake and rejection of thermal and regasification plants.

Coastal Engineering
We undertake hydrodynamics and sediments transport studies, analysis of physiographic evolution and diagnosis of its causes. We propose solutions to and undertake projects for problems such as coastal erosion, siltation of infrastructure, and for flood protection (river or sea), recovery of degraded areas and for the use and enhancement of the coast fruition conditions.

Outfalls and water intakes
Consulmar undertakes Studies and Projects for water and wastewater intake and discharge systems, including modelling of water quality in the receiving environment, hydraulic calculation of underwater outfalls and the concept and detailed designs of structural and constructive solutions, namely through the use new technologies such as microtunneling and directed horizontal drilling. We also undertake concept and detailed designs for water intake and discharge structures for various purposes and capabilities.

Environmental Impact Studies
Essential, and often compulsory, for interventions and projects on the coast, EIA shall represent a decision support element to the Promoters, following the project development since its first stages. From this perspective, Consulmar undertakes EIA for our projects in this area.

Spatial Planning
The establishment of rules for a sustainable use and management of the coast and river margins is essential for preserving this collective natural heritage. We have participated in this process since its inception in Portugal for more than two decades with the development of the Coastal Problems Studies for much of the Portuguese coastline, and subsequent participate in the development of the Plans for Management of the Shoreline (POOC) covering almost 50 % of the mainland coast and also for the Island of Madeira and the Azores. This experience also extends to Angola, with the study of the entire coast of Angola and the Mussulo-Luanda lagoon system modelling.