Airport – Lacacão Road, Boa Vista Island, Cape Verde

The intervention included a new structuring route, 18 km long, comprising two sections articulated by a large roundabout, and roundabouts designed for the beginning and end of the new road.

Respecting the layout in plan, the changes undertaken consisted of relevelling, changing the Drainage and Signalling projects, as well as optimization of earthworks, with benefits in the works final cost. The new altimetric route was developed for a project speed of 90km/h. The platform consists of a two-way carriageway, 7 m wide, with 1m berms.

CONSULMAR’s intervention included the amendments on the route, stormwater drainage and signalling projects, as a result of the need to modify the tender elements for contract award.

Location: Island of Boa Vista, Cape Verde

Employer: Tourism Development Society of the Islands of Boa Vista and Maio (Consortium MSF / CVC)