Bridge Over Tagus River in Santarém and Access Viaducts

The intervention refers to a 308m long stretch of IC10 and 10 viaducts for access to the bridge. The cable-stayed bridge (Salgueiro Maia Bridge) has a platform of two 7.5m wide lanes, constituted by 3m and 1.20 m wide right and left berms, respectively. The separator is 2.60 m wide defined by New Jersey barriers.

As the existing pavement is in asphalt concrete, the design envisaged its partial substitution with a layer of roughened bituminous microconcrete with a thickness of 0.025 m. This change resulted in better surface characteristics in regards to the texture depth and friction coefficient.

The intervention of CONSULMAR consisted in preparing the design for the altimetric correction of the bridge platform pavement, which included the pavement improvement study, with the required intervention in altimetry and modelling of the IC10 platform.

Location: Santarem, Portugal

Employer: EP – Estradas de Portugal, SA.