Customs Station of Massabi in Cabinda – Roads and Parking Lots

The intervention on the border between Cabinda and the Republic of Congo, contemplates a 44,000m2 platform, including a Scanner and its coverage, as well as a large parking area, with a capacity of 270 parking spots and with 950m of streets.

The paving structure adopted was flexible, consisting of asphalt concrete with soil cement bases and sub-bases, laid on compacted fills.

The intervention of CONSULMAR included the preparation of studies and projects of the associated infrastructures, including the arrangement of the area outside the buildings, access roads, water supply networks, storm water drainage network and sewage drainage network, as well as the design of the “Fire Detection and Autonomous Alarm Facilities” of the three buildings which comprise the Customs Station.

Location: Massabi, Cabinda, Republic of Angola

Employer: Borders and Foreigners Service (Albase)