New Fishing Port of Tangier, Morroco

The intervention studied consists in the creation of the new fishing port of Tangier, which involves the construction of a 1175m long breakwater, the creation of a 100m track access channel, with bed levels of -7.00 m (CD) and a jetty about 180m long, hauling ramp and two 220m long floating pontoons.

With the planned interventions a 13.7 ha basin is created, covering various berths with bed levels between -3.0 m and -7.0 m, as well as an embankment with about 12.5 ha, where the various support facilities will be implemented (fish markets, refrigerator warehouses and traders buildings). A parking area of the largest fleet of vessels, as well as a fuel station, on the lee side of the breakwater, complete the facilities created.

The involvement of CONSULMAR which was supported by a local consultancy company, consisted in the studies of oceanography and hydrography, technical specifications of the surveys, the preparation of the Concept Study and Preliminary Design, and includes technical assistance to the Works.

Location: Port of Tangier – Kingdom of Morocco

Employer: ANP – Agence Nationale des Ports