Study and Diagnosis and Assessment of the Needs of the Port Sector Affected to The Fishing Activity in Portugal

The aim of this study was the preparation of a new program to support fisheries to be integrated in the 3rd Community Support Framework. 76 port facilities allocated to fishing from Caminha to Vila Real de Santo António were characterized, organized by NUTS II (Portuguese regions system for statistical purposes), with the identification of the counties, the port authority, the maritime authority and hierarchy in Docapesca. Once identified and characterized the current situation of existing facilities, Consulmar proceeded to the classification of these 76 port facilities with the use of a classification matrix, which is based on the set of facilities that they can offer depending on the type of fleet that uses them, with a view to identifying the necessary investments.

The study included thus the inventory of all fishing facilities, their port classification, diagnosis of the present situation, an analysis of the prospects for development of fisheries, the identification of needs and a characterization of the interventions, with an assessment of their costs and priorities, concluding with a statement of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Location: Portugal

Employer: DGPA – General Directorate for Fisheries and Aquaculture