Face ao período que atravessamos, e com o objectivo de minimizar quaisquer riscos relativos ao COVID-19, a CONSULMAR decidiu implementar um Plano de Contingência que permitirá manter a operação e continuar a disponibilizar os nossos serviços da forma habitual. A nossa equipa continuará a trabalhar, preferencialmente e maioritariamente a partir de casa, mantendo-se o escritório operacional.

Agradecemos a compreensão a estas alterações, confiantes que conjuntamente com os nossos stakeholders iremos assegurar a continuidade de todas as nossas actividades.


For more than 45 years we’ve been supporting our customers in implementing their projects. Founded in 1970 by a group of engineers led by Professor Fernando Vasco Costa, Consulmar has been present in the main developments related to its activity, growing and expanding its geographic horizons and range of services in a sustained and consolidated way.

1970 – 1980
Foundation of Consulmar – Consultants for Port Facilities and Structures, Ltd – in 1970. Years of gradual affirmation in the market, with the participation in some large projects, such as the initial development of the Port of Sines.

1980 – 1990
Change of name to CONSULMAR, Engineering and Management Consultants, Ltd., preparing an expansion of activity beyond Ports Developments. Change of the ownership and organizational structure, adapting to the new growing phase.
Extension of the scope of activity to supervision and contracts management, and beginning of a permanent presence in the Azores and Angola. Continued involvement in the design and supervision of the Port of Sines, preparation of Master Plans and Designs of the Ports of Aveiro, Figueira da Foz, Sesimbra and Portimão and participation in coastal studies, precursors of POOC (Plan for Spatial Management of the Shoreline); provision of technical assistance to the Ministry of Construction in Angola, and participation in the Project for the Development of the Fisheries Sector of Angola; project of the Port of Ka-Ho, Macau.

1990 – 2000
Implementation of a network growing strategy, with expanding sectors of activity and increased international activity through the formation of OC, SGPS, SA, which takes ownership of Consulmar, and a set of companies: Consulmar Azores (1996), Hidromod (1992), Nemus (1997), Ambigest (1998, Angola), taking place in Norma Azores (1992) and establishment of a permanent office in Mozambique (1994). Participation in remarkable projects such as the expansion of the Airport of Funchal, the Ro-Ro terminal for Ford/VW in the Port of Setubal, the new container/”multipurpose” terminals in the Port of Setubal, Lisbon and Sines, various projects and Supervision of Works  for EXPO’98, design of the Portimão Marina and the Ponta Delgada Marina and seaside promenade, and participation in various POOC (Plan for Spatial Management of the Shoreline); ongoing cooperation with the Ministry of Public Works of Angola, providing Technical Assistance to the Provincial Government of Cabinda; Supervision of the rehabilitation works of the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo; rehabilitation of 10 fishing ports in Haiti.

2000 – 2010
Growth consolidation, with a strong focus on the international market. Acquisition of Viacanal (2008, Roads Projects) and constitution of Consulmé (2006, São Tomé and Príncipe). Several works undertaken to Algeria, Brazil, Cape Verde, Congo, Martinique, São Tomé and Príncipe, Tunisia and Venezuela, in addition to the well-established markets in Angola and Mozambique. Participation in projects such as the new LNG terminal in Sines, the studies for the new Lisbon airport, the new International Airport of S. Tomé and Príncipe, the expansion of the Port of la Guaira, Venezuela, the siltation study of the Port of Fortaleza, Brazil, six new fishing ports in Angola, Albufeira Marina, Foz do Douro jetties, among many others.

In the present decade, our focus has been on a strong investment in the excellence and renewal of our human resources and in consolidating our position as a reference company of the engineering consultancy in Portugal, continuing to be present in the most symbolic or emblematic Projects, since the adaptation of the Pedrouços dock to the Volvo Ocean Race, to the extension of the future airport of Montijo, through the new container terminal of Barreiro or the terminal Vasco da Gama in Sines.
Continuing Consulmar to focus on the high degree of specialization in maritime and coastal works, the scope of external markets has been consolidated, not only through locally created companies, but also a strong dynamic of strategic partnerships. This has consolidated the role of Consulmar in recent years in its traditional markets, such as Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde or Morocco, and has expanded its presence to markets as diverse as Iraq or Turkey; Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal or Cameroon; Colombia or British Virgin Islands; Sta. Helena, East Timor or Marquesas Islands.
Providing our clients and partners with the trust that the prestige gives us will continue to be our motto.